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Weekday Masses begin July 5th, 2021. Mass time changed from 8:30 AM to 9 AM.  Blessed Mother Rosary Group resumes. Mondays 5 p.m. in the church. All are welcome. 


The parish begins re-organizing its organizations beginning with ushers and Eucharistic ministers. We are greatly in need of help here. I am a firm believer parish organizations through its volunteers remain strong and relevant. Its my job to tell you what our needs are, not to expect that I will be doing it. 


Effective JUNE 24, 2021, Archbishop Cordileone, after 14 ½  months, Sunday Mass obligation restored. The dispensation not to attend Sunday Mass is now over.

Church reopening
It is a balancing act how to work with parishioners
1. Should vaccinated people be separated from non-vaccinated people
2. How are masks to be regulated. Everyone wear masks or not
3. Should we keep having outdoor Masses. The U.S. has not reached herd immunity, it may never happen
4. Should ZOOM Masses end so people return to Church
5. Will parishioners lie about being vaccinated
The parish will do the best it can and leave decisions to the good will of us all—to do what is right.


As we are now re-opening the first organizations to build up in service to the parish, I am looking for volunteers for Ushers at weekend Masses, Eucharist Ministers for homebound. The parish has 19 convalescent homes and Kaiser Hospital to serve. This is a ministry that cannot be ignored. At a time when people need their God in the Sacrament of Holy Communion, we are as a parish precisely there to do that. Interested, call the parish office,


Our parishioners will have to think what kind of a parish we want to be—not how it always been done, in order for us to survive, yet meet our needs. St. Isabella has gone from four pastoral priests now to one in 18 years.
Volunteerism will now be essential to parish life which without saying, is supposedly how parishes operate. A significant number of our parishioners will not return sad to say but realistic. The pandemic has injured the sense of obligation to attend Sunday Mass.
This is not a message of doom but an exciting challenge ahead of us how to make our parish relevant to meet our needs in the 21st Century. Good luck to us all.


June 15th, California opens up. St. Isabella too begins to open up weekday Masses return July 1st. Music returns July 3rd & 4th. Organizations gradually will reopen. It is going to take a long time for parishes to return to normal. Peace sign, drinking from the cup, will not return for a while. Financial budgeting will continue so some ministries will be assessed. Parish restructuring now is to survive the next 5 years.